Dice Duo

The perfect pocket travel game
It is a great way for kids and grown-ups alike, to challenge their creativity and imagination.
Dice Duo (sets of 6 dice each) comes in two types:
This set includes 3 pairs of dice that challenge out of the box thinking with shapes, numbers, alphabets, themes and emojis.
This set includes 3 pairs of dice that keep you engrossed appealing to your artistic, observational and word building skills.

Age: 4 + Yrs.
People: 1-2
Playing time: 10-15 min
Genre : Creative Thinking/ Birthday Gift

Card Connect

Let the imagination go for a spin
A ‘4 in 1’ card game for all ages with a set of 50 image cards
• Theme building
• Story Telling
• Creative Thinking
• Find me
Have hours of unending fun and relaxation with Card Connect.

Age: 4+ Yrs.
People: 2 – 8
Playing time: 15 min
Genre : Logic , Creative Thinking/ Birthday Gift

Colour Quest

The fastest person wins!
The Colour Quest game has it all. Dice, Cards and Competition! With 36 combinations that test your colour recognition, perception and speed, the game is favoured for educational, entertainment and cognitive development of the kids.

Age: 4 + Yrs.
People: 2-4
Playing time: 15 min
Genre : Cognitive skills/ Birthday Gift

Family Games

Word Whiz

Get nostalgic !
Whether playing with friends or family, the Word Whiz experience connects and bonds people like none other. Pen down words with a given alphabet before the sand clock runs out.
A perfect game to enjoy at corporate events, family trips and parties.

Age: 10+ Yrs.
People: 10 – 20
Playing time: 20 min
Genre : Fun and Party/ Family Gift

Quick Pick

Quick Pick is a “Think Quick” category game.

It is a 2-level game and has 3 card sets with 3 different themes.

  • The first level involves a lot hustle and bustle, making it extremely competitive for the players to collect maximum number of cards of a given category ranging from movies to national parks to international cuisines.
  • The second level tests memory skills. Memory needs to be stretched for the magic to unfold in the second level, as the players compete to collect all the missing cards, to complete a number series.
    A game coveted by the youth.

Age: 12+ Yrs.
People: 2-6
Playing time: 25 min
Genre : Fun and Party/ Family Gift

Varsha Jog


An architect by Profession, Varsha Jog found her true passion in connecting with children. What started as fun activities for her own kids soon blossomed in to full blown project inclusive of all ages.

About Us

Thinkmatic is a fun based learning platform that aims to inspire divergent thinking in children and grown ups alike and drive their creative talent.

Our Fun based games and activities compress over 20 years of experience into simple interventions that help people realize their creative and intellectual potential.

The games provide an excellent medium for bonding and connecting with people.


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